We are the Friends of Sloan Canyon

Friends of Sloan Canyon provides community support and educational resources that enhance the conservation, protection and public enjoyment of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. The Bureau of Land Management is moving forward to implement it's management plan for the NCA, and in 2015 we entered into a partnership with them in support of these efforts. We're currently working on the following activities and initiatives:

Contact Station Staffing

Planning is underway for Sloan Canyon's official visitor center, located at the NCA border between Henderson's Inspirada community and the Petroglyph Management Area. Until construction is completed BLM has placed a temporary structure on site. We help recruit and train volunteers to provide information for visitors at this visitor contact station. 

Trail Monitoring and Maintenance

With increased use comes increases responsibility in conservation and protection. We're making efforts to ensure our trails and access points are clean, unobstructed and undisturbed by human presence as possible by coordinating a trail monitoring and maintenance program.

Community Outreach

Friends of Sloan Canyon continues to reach out to the community over the entire metro Las Vegas area with information stations at various community events. In the months ahead you'll also be seeing us at local civic centers, schools, trailheads and shopping areas. Along with getting the word about concerning current Sloan Canyon news we're also looking for people to volunteer their time and expertise in support of group activities.

Education Programs

We're working with BLM on educational programs from in-school interpretive sessions to guided hikes and activities within the NCA itself. If you're an educator or scientist and would like to contribute to these endeavors we'd love to talk to you!

We're part of the Friends Grassroots Network

Conservation starts with community, and history has shown that places are best protected when there is a group of local citizen advocates to lead the effort. As members of the Friends Grassroots Network we do critical, on-the-ground work to steward and protect the National Conservation Lands. We also use our collective voice as a national network to advance strong conservation management policies and practices. In 2014 the Friends Grassroots Network collectively raised over $2 million to support this work.

Our History

The Friends of Sloan Canyon was created by Terri Robertson is the early 1990's. Actively involved in conservation issues regarding the McCullough Mountains and the Sloan petroglyph site, Terri formed the group with the main objective to acquire permanent federal land protection for the area. FSC became one of the key stakeholders collaborating with local organizations along with state and federal officials to create what is now Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.

Over the past decade following the NCA's formation with a group of dedicated volunteers the group's activities focused mainly on advocacy & education. With the NCA designation in place the Friends group continued its lobbying efforts now for various management initiatives including land restoration, trail creation and greater public access. Its also worked to provide educational programs to our community on the importance of preserving forever homes for our native animals, insects, and birds. The signature program, called Natures Neighbors and targeted to younger children, highlights with plush replicas and other physical examples how local wildlife have adapted to the desert.