Sloan Canyon Artists-In-Residence Program

For the past few months Bureau of Lands Management has been piloting a Sloan Canyon Artist-in-Residence program. This program promotes understanding and appreciation of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area through the world of artistic expression. Participating artists will reflect on Sloan Canyon’s scenic beauty and cultural history, creating artwork that will contribute to the public’s understanding and engagement with National Conservation Lands in Southern Nevada and nationwide.

The goal of this program is to further both participating artists’ and the public's understanding and appreciation of Sloan Canyon. In addition to creating artwork, it is equally important that artists provide a positive learning and interpretive experience for visitors and staff regarding Sloan Canyon and other public land sites as inspiration for artistic endeavors. To that end Sloan's Artists-in-Residence will periodically lead guided hikes hikes focusing on artistic expression of public lands and other programs as coordinated with BLM rangers.

The winning artists selected for this program will have an opportunity to gain exposure to a large audience through their residency programs and culminating exhibition of artwork at the college of southern Nevada, Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center, and Green Valley Library in Henderson. Artists will be invited to show a collection of their artwork alongside pieces they have created for this residency program.

You can learn more about the Bureau of Land Management's vision for Artist-in-Residence Programs throughout the National Conservation Lands.

2019 Program

Congratulations to Nanci Clyde and Brenda Cebular for being Sloan Canyon's first Artists-in-Residence! You can meet them at a reception being held at Green Valley Library on Wednesday, January 16 from 5pm-7pm. BLM will be showcasing their work alogn with the work of all entries for the year. Keep an eye out for AiR-led programs in the weeks ahead.