Conservation efforts at Sloan Canyon Depend on You!

The Friends of Sloan Canyon is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization providing community support and educational resources that enhance the conservation, protection and public enjoyment of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.

2018 was a productive year for the Friends group, including:

  • Volunteers from the Friends community continue manning the information desk at Sloan's visitor contact station
  • Replaced old trail posts and install new posts and other signage along 10 miles of trail lacking such pointers
  • Assisting BLM in coordinating it's trail monitor program reporting on conditions for all of Sloan's nearly 50 miles of established trails
  • Coordinated stewardship activities maintenance program helping to keep Sloan trails in great shape.
  • Assisting BLM in modifying its educational programs to follow current science standards for Nevada schools.
  • Assisting BLM interpretive staff in executing in-class educational programs for 4th graders at many local schools in the area, including highlighting the Every Kid in a Park program

We're expanding on the work we've done this past year into 2019:

  • Transitioning volunteer training and interpretive information on the NCA online using popular audio & video outlets such as YouTube and Facebook.
  • Digitizing Sloan's trail monitoring program so volunteers can report trail conditions using their mobile devices
  • Continuation of our trail post installation project
  • Bringing two new programs to Sloan Canyon. Leave No Trace encourages responsible outdoor ethics while having fun on the trails. We'll also be holding a number of night sky/backyard astronomy events in 2019 inviting folks to the visitor center after hours to see what's visible using binoculars and small telescopes (spoiler alert: more than you may think!)

We can't do it, though, without participation from the community. You can help us fund these activities via a one-time donation or monthly contribution. All donations are tax deductible. If you have any questions about donating to the Friends of Sloan Canyon contact Jim Stanger at or 702-907-6099.

Tax ID/EIN# 20-0294051