Our History

The Friends of Sloan Canyon was created by Terri Robertson is the early 1990's. Actively involved in conservation issues regarding the McCullough Mountains and the Sloan petroglyph site, Terri formed the group with the main objective to acquire permanent federal land protection for the area. FSC became one of the key stakeholders collaborating with local organizations along with state and federal officials to create what is now Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.

Over the past decade following the NCA's formation with a group of dedicated volunteers the group's activities focused mainly on advocacy & education. With the NCA designation in place the Friends group continued its lobbying efforts now for various management initiatives including land restoration, trail creation and greater public access. Its also worked to provide educational programs to our community on the importance of preserving forever homes for our native animals, insects, and birds. The signature program, called Natures Neighbors and targeted to younger children, highlights with plush replicas and other physical examples how local wildlife have adapted to the desert.