Information Desk Volunteer

Friends of Sloan Canyon is looking for volunteers to help man Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area's visitor contact station. As a BLM Information Specialist you would be introducing visitors to the geology, plants, wildlife, and cultural resources of Sloan Canyon. Our visitors are a diverse community, including international travelers, and you would be asked to thoughtfully answer a variety of questions providing guidance to visitors so they have a great outdoor experience.

Duties & Responsbilities:

  • Staff the front desk in the Sloan Canyon visitor contact station
  • Respond to visitors questions
  • Be a source of knowledge for visitors


  • Ability to communicate orally to the public
  • Ability to acquire basic knowledge of the natural and cultural resources of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, BLM missions, and BLM policy
  • Willingness to wear approved uniform-t-shirt, name tag or vest.
  • Knowledge of recreation opportunities of Sloan Canyon
  • Ability to be people friendly

Training Requirements:

  • Complete attendance of BLM power-point trainings.
  • Become familiar with the biological, geological, and cultural resources of Sloan Canyon
  • Monitor the information desk at Red Rock Canyon prior to becoming a Sloan info desk volunteer a minimum of eight hours to develop quality public interaction.

Information Desk shifts are 4 hours long. The minimum commitment is 1 shift, and you can sign up for as many shifts as you'd like. The visitor contact station is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm daily from October 1 and May 31. During summer months the contact station is open weekends only, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.