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  • So Nevada's Open Spaces and Trails System by Alan O’Neill

    Alan O’Neill, former Lake Mead National Recreation Area supervisor, author, founder of Get Outdoors Nevada, and Friends of Sloan Board Member will speak about Southern Nevada regional open space and trail system.

    April 23, 2019 at 6:30pm
    REI Henderson
    2220 Village Walk Dr
    Suite 150
    Henderson, NV 89052
    United States
    Google map and directions
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  • Sloan Canyon Artists-In-Residence Program

    For the past few months Bureau of Lands Management has been piloting a Sloan Canyon Artist-in-Residence program. This program promotes understanding and appreciation of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area through the world of artistic expression. Participating artists will reflect on Sloan Canyon’s scenic beauty and cultural history, creating artwork that will contribute to the public’s understanding and engagement with National Conservation Lands in Southern Nevada and nationwide.

    The goal of this program is to further both participating artists’ and the public's understanding and appreciation of Sloan Canyon. In addition to creating artwork, it is equally important that artists provide a positive learning and interpretive experience for visitors and staff regarding Sloan Canyon and other public land sites as inspiration for artistic endeavors. To that end Sloan's Artists-in-Residence will periodically lead guided hikes hikes focusing on artistic expression of public lands and other programs as coordinated with BLM rangers.

    The winning artists selected for this program will have an opportunity to gain exposure to a large audience through their residency programs and culminating exhibition of artwork at the college of southern Nevada, Red Rock Canyon Visitor Center, and Green Valley Library in Henderson. Artists will be invited to show a collection of their artwork alongside pieces they have created for this residency program.

    You can learn more about the Bureau of Land Management's vision for Artist-in-Residence Programs throughout the National Conservation Lands.

    2019 Program

    Congratulations to Nanci Clyde and Brenda Cebular for being Sloan Canyon's first Artists-in-Residence! You can meet them at a reception being held at Green Valley Library on Wednesday, January 16 from 5pm-7pm. BLM will be showcasing their work alogn with the work of all entries for the year. Keep an eye out for AiR-led programs in the weeks ahead.


  • BLM Public Information Forum Wednesday the 5th



    The Bureau of Land Management will hold a public information forum for the proposed Visitor Contact Station to be built at Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area on December 5 at the Levi Strauss Sky Harbor Distribution Center in Henderson, Nevada.The purpose of the forum is to provide the public with information on the design and construction of the proposed permanent Sloan Canyon Visitor Contact Station. The new facility is funded through special legislation and is proposed to replace the temporary Visitor Contact Station on Nawghaw Poa Road near Henderson, Nevada. BLM staff will be available to provide information and answer questions about Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area and the proposed Visitor Contact Station. Public input is welcome. The public information forum will be held from 5-8 p.m. at the Levi Strauss Sky Harbor Distribution Center at 501 Executive Airport Dr., Henderson, NV 89052.

    For more information, please contact Robert Owen at (702) 515-5035 or email rowen@blm.gov.

  • Information Desk Volunteer

    Friends of Sloan Canyon is looking for volunteers to help man Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area's visitor contact station. As a BLM Information Specialist you would be introducing visitors to the geology, plants, wildlife, and cultural resources of Sloan Canyon. Our visitors are a diverse community, including international travelers, and you would be asked to thoughtfully answer a variety of questions providing guidance to visitors so they have a great outdoor experience.

    Duties & Responsbilities:

    • Staff the front desk in the Sloan Canyon visitor contact station
    • Respond to visitors questions
    • Be a source of knowledge for visitors


    • Ability to communicate orally to the public
    • Ability to acquire basic knowledge of the natural and cultural resources of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area, BLM missions, and BLM policy
    • Willingness to wear approved uniform-t-shirt, name tag or vest.
    • Knowledge of recreation opportunities of Sloan Canyon
    • Ability to be people friendly

    Training Requirements:

    • Complete attendance of BLM power-point trainings.
    • Become familiar with the biological, geological, and cultural resources of Sloan Canyon
    • Monitor the information desk at Red Rock Canyon prior to becoming a Sloan info desk volunteer a minimum of eight hours to develop quality public interaction.

    Information Desk shifts are 4 hours long. The minimum commitment is 1 shift, and you can sign up for as many shifts as you'd like. The visitor contact station is open from 8:00am to 4:30pm daily from October 1 and May 31. During summer months the contact station is open weekends only, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.


  • Canyon Keeper

    The Canyon Keepers program offers concerned citizens a way to help protect the at-risk cultural heritage resources at Sloan Canyon NCA's Petroglyph Gallery area. Canyon Keepers create a presence on a regular basis at Petroglyph Canyon during high peak visitation hours to prevent vandalism and unwanted social trails that degrade the hill side and threaten the rock art that populates the area .

    As a Canyon Keeper you would hike to and monitor the Petroglyph Gallery for two to four hours at a time on the weekends and during high peak visitation hours throughout the week. You'll be trained on the cultural, biological and geologic history of the area allowing you to answer questions about the rock art and encourage visitors to stay in the wash to view the petroglyphs. A key part of this duty will be Observing and reporting any illegal activities you witness on the proper trail monitor report form. Report will be submitted to the volunteer coordinator within 48 hours of the hike and monitoring.


    • The volunteer will hike to the petroglyph gallery and stand or sit and monitor the other visitors to ensure that they do not touch the petroglyphs or climb up the side of the hill to view the petroglyphs
    • The hike leader will pre-hike the trail before becoming a monitor at the Petroglyph gallery
    • Canyon Keeper will provide the visitors with knowledge of the cultural resources and ways to help conserve them
    • Observe and report any illegal activities you witness on the proper trail monitor report form. Report will be submitted to the volunteer coordinator within 48 hours of the hike and monitoring.
    • Practice the proper check in and check out procedures before and after hiking in the field.


    • Ability to communicate verbally
    • Ability to effectively address large and small groups
    • Knowledge of natural resources and cultural history of Sloan
    • Physical ability compatible with hiking activity (4-6 miles of desert hiking per shift)
    • Knowledge of trails at Sloan and level of difficulty
    • Ability to walk in rough terrain
    • Ability to work outdoors and unsupervised


  • Trail Maintenance Volunteer

    If you can use basic landscaping tools you can make a difference helping to maintain local hiking, biking, and equestrian trails! Friends of Sloan Canyon is looking for volunteers to work on supervised stewardship projects focusing on the natural resources and trails of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. Maintenance projects are executed during cooler non-summer months in developed and undeveloped areas of the NCA. A schedule is distributed in advance, help out with one or many stewardship projects. A sample of tasks we accomplish include:

    • litter pick-up and removal
    • installation of carsonite posts (lifting up to 30lbs)
    • clear multiple use and single use trails of brush
    • remove graffiti next to trails
    • remove undesirable plant/animal species
    • re-vegetate areas
    • trail route restoration and rehabilitation
    • monitor trail signage and add signs as necessary with BLM staff approval
    • repair/replace regular and trail signage as needed
    • install barriers where potential illegal incursions occur

    This is an opportunity to work in the great outdoors and have a direct positive impact on public lands, correcting or preventing damage to the natural resources. Help improve the recreational experience and trails for visitors to Sloan Canyon NCA.

    Volunteers will be expected to:

    • complete volunteer onboarding paperwork
    • follow direction of trail supervisors
    • learn and to use a variety of hand tools.
    • work in rough terrain and potentially extreme temperatures.
    • lift heavy loads, (up to 30 pounds).
    • work as a team and /or individually.
    • install carsonites into the ground with proper training.

    That said, you'll never be asked to do something you feel you cannot do. Come have fun and get sweaty with us!


  • Volunteer to be a Trail Monitor

    We're looking for desert hikers to support a trail monitoring program we coordinate under the supervision of the Bureau of Land Management. Volunteers would periodically hike the trails of Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area observing and reporting on current trail conditions to a program coordinator via an online form. 

    Participation in a short in-person orientation/training session is required where you'll learn trail monitoring techniques as well as basic safety and first aid. Volunteers demonstrating an ongoing commitment to the program may become eligible to participate in free CPR/First Aid and Wilderness First Aid training.


  • Volunteer to Assist with BLM's Every Kid in a Park School Program

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    Become a volunteer

  • Stewardship begins with the Community

    The Bureau of Land Management may manage our public lands, but it's We The People that own it. It's up to us to do the housekeeping needed to keep it maintained and protected for future generations to enjoy and learn from. To that end we organize a growing number of stewardship work days each year with key partners such as the Bureau of Land Management and the City of Henderson. Our signature event each year is National Public Lands Day, and that day is almost here! We'll be organizing a group of 30 or so volunteers to install replacement and new trail signage along Sloan's 601 trail. Join us for a morning of some sweat, lots of fun with outdoors friends, and the satisfaction of contributing to the stewardship of our local public lands. We own them, it's up to us to do the housekeeping. We're starting at 7:30am Saturday, September 30th at the McCullough Hills Trailhead. Contact Ranger Gina at gmele@blm.gov or by phone at 702-515-5355 to register. 

    National Public Land Day 2017 Flyer

  • January Information Desk Training

    Have you visited Sloan Canyon NCA's visitor contact station? Did you receive some useful maps, information and wisdom from someone at the information desk? And have you ever wondered how to can introduce the community to Sloan Canyon? Well wonder no longer, that person can be you. You can be an information desk volunteer! All you need to do is go through a half-day training session led by a BLM ranger, then signup for 1 or more 4-hour shifts at the station. It's fun and easy!

    Our next volunteer training session starts at 10am on Wednesday, January 18 at the Green Valley Library, 2797 N. Green Valley Pkwy. Here's the schedule:

    10:00am-10:30am - BLM Volunteer Orientation
    10:30am-11:15am - Trails of Sloan Training
    11:15am-11:45pm - Geology Training
    01:15pm-01:30pm - Wilderness Training
    01:30pm-02:00pm - Wildlife Overview

    RSVP is required, contact BLM Ranger Gina Mele at 702-515-5355 or by email at gmele@blm.gov.

    See you at the contact station!

  • Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!

    From the Friends of Sloan Canyon, much love and happiness this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah, Southern Nevada!

    Merry Christmas!

  • The National Conservation Lands

    The National Conservation Lands are 31 million acres of our most ecologically rich and culturally significant lands—open to all—managed by the Bureau of Land Management. These places, mostly large and pristine landscapes, are found throughout the West, Alaska and even extend to the East Coast. America’s newest collection of protected public lands and waterways stands alongside our national parks and wildlife refuges as guardians of America’s heritage and drivers of the nation’s $646 billion outdoor recreation economy.

    Freedom, Discovery & Beauty

    The National Conservation Lands include National Monuments and National Conservation Areas, Wilderness and Wilderness Study Areas, Wild and Scenic Rivers, National Scenic and Historic Trails. These nationally significant lands embody freedom, discovery and unique outdoor experiences. 

    From hiking, biking and horseback riding like we do here at Sloan Canyon to whitewater rafting and catching trophy brown trout in Colorado’s Browns Canyon National Monument to world-class rock climbing in Nevada’s Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area (NCA) to coastal camping and hiking on the black sand beaches of California’s King Range NCA, the recreational opportunities afforded by the National Conservation Lands are unmatched—and they support the tourism and recreation economies of many rural Western communities.    

    The National Conservation Lands ensure our clean air and water, while protecting critical habitat for our wildlife. Most National Conservation Lands areas are open to hunting and fishing, and offer some of America’s best places for sportsmen to carry on outdoor traditions.

    This collection of protected public lands also protects and preserves America’s sacred sites and cultural history. From ancient Puebloan cultures of 1,000 years ago to Spanish, Mexican, Native American and American settler histories from recent centuries, the National Conservation Lands represent a complete tour of the history of the American West. Our American military history is also preserved in places like California’s Fort Ord National Monument.

    ...But There Are Threats

    The lands, rivers and trails within the National Conservation Lands have been designated for protection, but they are also incredibly vulnerable. They face abuse from reckless oil and gas drilling and irresponsible off-road vehicle use. They are subject to looting, vandalism and neglect from underfunding. Working together we can reduce these threats with on-the-ground work, partnerships and advocacy.

    Threats to these lands also come from Congressional attacks on the Antiquities Act—a bedrock conservation law that has been used by 16 Presidents—8 from each party—to protect our nation’s heritage. Many of our national monuments and national parks would not exist today if they had not been protected under the Antiquities Act.

    NCL Map

  • The Visitor Contact Station is Now Open

    We've been talking about it on social media for a few weeks now, but in case you missed all that and the writeup in the Review-Journal and the other community buzz Sloan's new visitor contact station is open and active. During the summer it'll be open Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8:00am-4:30pm.

    Sloan Station Hours

    Read more

  • New Henderson trails guide available

    Henderson resident Alan O'Neill has released an excellent guide to the city's almost 120 miles of hiking and biking trails. It's available as a PDF download.

    Henderson Trails GuideHenderson Trails Guide PDF (69Mb)

    Read more

  • BLM Volunteer Training Dates for March 2016

    The next round of BLM led volunteer training is up. If you're interested in working the contact station info desk this is training you need to get in on.

    Dates are March 17 & 19 at the Henderson Multigenerational Center. Yes, that's tomorrow and Friday...sorry for the late notice! There should be more training opportunities in weeks ahead.

    Direct questions to The Sloan Ranger, Gina Mele, at gmele@blm.gov or 702-515-5355.

    March Training Schedule

  • Getting into Sloan Canyon During Road Construction

    Feb 16 UPDATE: Reports are the route described below has been fenced off. Once we get a confirmation on the best route we'll post it.

    We have a quick update on access to the petroglyph area for the next few months. Construction has officially begun on the paved road leading to the new visitor contact center. For the duration of the construction work vehicular access to the Sloan Canyon parking area will be cutoff. BLM is asking all visitors wishing to visit Sloan Canyon from the north to park at Adventura Park, located on Via Firenze just south of Bicentennial Parkway. From the park walk south on Via Firenze to where it meets Democracy Drive. Proceed west along the new road then south at the BLM Sloan Canyon sign to the unpaved parking area. The trailhead is located at the parking lot. A larger more detailed view of this map is available on Google Maps.

    Map of Sloan Canyon Access


  • Volunteer

    We're looking for assistance with various programs including staffing the Sloan Canyon NCA visitor contact station, community outreach, education and trail monitoring/maintenance. Click on the links below for more information on each volunteer opportunity. If you'd like to help out fill out your info below and we'll reply soon with next steps. Keep an eye on our events page, Twitter, Facebook or our email newsletter for projects to sign up for.

    Information Desk

    Trail Monitor

    Trail Maintenance

    Canyon Keeper

    Education & Outreach

    Event Monitor


    Become a volunteer

  • Calendar

    See all events

  • Call for Entries to Inspirada's Rockin'Art Contest

    The Inspirada community is hosting a great new art contest called Rockin'Art of Sloan Canyon, and we're helping get the word out for entries. Open to all Southern Nevada residents, Kids, teens, and adults are encouraged to submit entries related to Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area leading up to this year’s Stroll ‘n Roll at Inspirada. Check out beautiful artwork, vote on your favorites, and help a lucky winner score $250 in prize money! For more information on rules and how to enter visit Inspirada's Facebook page or go to the official contest site at inspirada.com/rockinart.

  • Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area Seeking Input on Proposed Developments

    BLM Nevada News
    Southern Nevada District Office
    FOR RELEASE: September 28, 2015
    CONTACT: Kirsten Cannon (702) 515-5057; k1cannon@blm.gov

    Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area Seeking Input on Proposed Developments

    Las Vegas – The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Red Rock/Sloan Field Office is seeking public input regarding proposed developments in Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area. The public meeting will be held on October 1 from 6 to 8 p.m. at Levi Strauss & Co. located at 501 Executive Airport Drive, Henderson.

    The meeting format will consist of a short presentation at 6:15 p.m. describing the proposed action and other alternatives considered followed by a question and answer session. The environmental analysis will be posted on the BLM website at http://1.usa.gov/1VdYEke. Written comment forms will be available at the meeting and comments may also be sent to bwarner@blm.gov through October 12.

    All proposed developments will aid in the protection and conservation of resources and includes a paved access road from Democracy Drive into Sloan Canyon, paved parking at the entrance of Petroglyph Canyon, installation of a temporary visitor contact station including restrooms and interpretative materials as well as the addition of non-motorized trails.

    To view an animation of the route, please visit https://youtu.be/6Uo0MWPAt4Y

    Before including your address, phone number, e-mail address, or other personal identifying information in your comment, you should be aware that your entire comment – including your personal identifying information – may be made publicly available at any time. While you can ask us in your comment to withhold your personal identifying information from public review, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to do so.

    For additional information about the meeting, please call the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area at (702) 515-5350.

    # # #

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