Volunteer Training Dates set for February

Recently we put the call out for volunteers to help us staff Sloan Canyon NCA's upcoming visitor contact station and provide other interpretive services for Sloan visitors. If you contacted us about this thank you! We're working with BLM to ensure that, even in it's initial temporary stage, the contact station is a fun and useful resource for people visiting the area, and we're ecstatic that you're willing to help make this happen.

Volunteers are being asked to participate in BLM-led training on the biology, geology, history and trails of Sloan. The February training dates as below. Mid-day classes on Friday the 12th, then some evening classes on two Wednesdays, the 17th and 24th. Contact Gina, the Sloan Ranger, to signup and for more info. 702-515-5355 or gmele@blm.gov.

Sloan NCA February Training Schedule

Gina will also be leading a couple orientation field trips for those that are new to Sloan Canyon NCA. The two dates scheduled so far are Tuesday the 16th and Tuesday the 23rd, each from 9am-1pm.

There is no extended commitment to volunteer at the visitors contact station, you can signup one-time for a shift, for the same shift each week or multiple shifts on various days, whatever activity level matches your interest and availability. This is a great way to learn about aspects of the NCA you may not have known and in turn help visitors appreciate and responsibly tour this excellent natural & recreational resource.