We're Looking for Volunteers


With an increase in general visitation at Sloan Canyon NCA and work underway on the access road and contact station south of the Inspirada community Friends of Sloan Canyon will be scouring the metro Las Vegas area this summer looking for people willing to volunteer their time supporting our group's primary projects and initiatives.

Do you spend significant time on Sloan's trail system? Whether you move with shoes, pedals or hooves you can make a difference by joining our trail monitoring team. Reporting conditions in the NCA helps BLM deal with issues such as graffiti, trash dumping and trail erosion.

As issues are reported we'll be working with BLM to get maintenance crews out to repair trails, place signage, restore damaged habitat and generally keep the NCA's infrastructure in good shape.

If the natural beauty, science and community surrounding Sloan Canyon NCA appeals to you more than hitting the trails you're welcome to join us in our outreach and education efforts! We're always looking for people to help organize events & meetups, exhibit at places like farmers markets & community events and educate people of all ages on the natural and geologic wonders of our local National Conservation Area.